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Sliding rail and edge sealing

Published: Tuesday 09 April, 2013

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According to the design style, the sliding rail can be divided into three-section sliding rail, drawer sliding rail and roller track. The three-section sliding rail has used wood as its baffles on both sides. And it is almost the standard configuration of all the cabinets. Roller track has slid between the steel runners by the nylon or plastic roller and then pulled the drawer out. And the drawer sliding rail is simply called triad full extension. It includes the metal baffle and has the resilient function.

The bearing capacity of the three-section sliding rail is usually about twenty kilogrammes. The bearing capacity of the drawer sliding rail is about forty kilogrammes. And the bearing capacity of the simple resilient drawer is also approximately forty kilogrammes. The length of the sliding rail is the main factor which has affected the price. In general, the drawer sliding rail is relatively high. The drawer sliding rail which doesn’t have damping is also more than two hundred yuan per pair.

Edge sealing stripe is the most basic accessory in the cabinet. The edge sealing stripe has three functions. First, it is to seal the edge and prevent the moisture from intruding. Second, it can effectively stop the insignificant amounts of formaldehyde of the plates from releasing. Third, reinforce the plate. All the cabinet brands will use the edge sealing stripe. And there are many kinds of edge sealing modes which include PVC edge sealing, metal edge sealing and so on. But there are many differences in the workmanship that the edge sealing modes use. For example, some small brands or some brands which do not have power, they usually use some cheap edge-sealing equipments to seal the edge and use the hot melt glue which has high formaldehyde content as the edge sealing. After this kind of edge sealing has been made, first, it won’t control the release of the formaldehyde. Instead, the release of the formaldehyde will increase because of the high formaldehyde content of the glue. Second, using the simple equipment to seal the edge and even by hand will make the edge sealing effect not so beautiful. And after having been used for some time, the edge sealing stripe will arch up and make the plate out of shape. Therefore, the door plate will also become deformed.

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