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Published: Thursday 28 March, 2013

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Stainless steel parts: Stainless steel parts can be divided into stainless iron and stainless steel. We usually call 430 as the stainless iron and 304 as the pure stainless steel. One of the methods to identify them is that use the magnet to test. The 430 can be attracted by the magnet, while the 304 can not. The specific gravity of the stainless steel part is higher than the iron product, but its price is more than four times than that of iron product. Therefore, only the high-end products will use it.

Copper products: Copper products can be divided into pure copper and copper alloy. Pure copper is also called red copper. Its strength and hardness is low, but its toughness is very good. And in the copper alloys, brass is more often used in furniture. It is a kind of copper alloy which mainly contains zinc. The price of the pure copper is 30% to 40% slightly higher than that of the 304 stainless copper, while the price of the brass is 20% lower than that of the pure copper. The hardness and strength of the copper alloy is slightly higher than that of the stainless copper, but it is easy broken and has bad toughness. Copper parts used in furniture are mainly handles and embedded screws. In order to prevent getting rusty, the pure copper should usually be electroplated first and then can be used, while the brass needn’t. There are few copper products which are used in large area of the furniture.

Zinc products: The pure zinc products are not used often. It is mainly the zinc alloy or the combination of steel and iron, such as galvanized sheet, electrolytic zinc plate and so on. It is rarely used in furniture, as its strength is bad. There are zinc alloy accessories such as eccentric buckle, structure connection point (piece) and the like. The special gravity of zinc alloy is about 6.8 lower than that of iron and its price is between that of steel and iron and aluminium alloy. Most zinc alloys are used as the furniture accessories in the form of die castion.
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