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Die-casting aluminium

Published: Tuesday 26 March, 2013

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Die-casting aluminium

Comparing to section processing, alloy casting has used different devices. Its raw materials are mainly the aluminium ingot (the purity is about 92%) and the alloy materials. They have been melted in the smelting furnace and then molded the shape through the extruder. The shapes of the die-casting aluminium products can be designed to be like toys, which have all sorts of shapes and are convenient for connection in all directions. In addition, its hardness and strength are relatively high. In the meantime, it can be mixed with zinc to be zinc-aluminium alloy.

The molding techniques of the die-casting aluminum can be divided into casting molding, rough polishing to get rid of mold material and fine polishing.

On the other hand, the die-casting aluminium can only be made while having the mold in the producing process. The manufacturing cost of the mold is very expensive and it is higher than injection mold and other molds. At the same time, to repair the mold is very difficult and if there is error in design, it is hard to cut materials and repair.

The die-casting aluminium also has disadvantages. First, every time you manufacture it, the quantity should be large so that the cost can be low. Second, polishing is complex and the production cycle is low. Third, the cost of the products is about 3 to 4 times higher than that of the injection pieces. Fourth, the screw holes should be larger (diameter is 4.5mm) so that the connecting force will be stable.

Range of application: table foot, executive desk connector, the sealing component of aluminium section, table, tea table jacking and so on. The range is very wide.
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