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Added some handle knowledge for you

Published: Friday 01 February, 2013

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A lot of people will think that such a little handle is just for pushing, pulling doors and Windows, any kind is ok. The idea is without spectrum, hardware handle is the small part which should not be neglected in the home outfit. Sometimes a good handle will add many points for furniture modeling style.

 Mistakes of Hardware for everyone to add more knowledge 

First, role of handle:

As is known to all that handles are some small accessories and accessories equipment installed on the door, window, furniture, etc., easily to switch. Nowadays, many families choose to buy the furniture with own handle for decorating, without much configuration, so they were not too concerned about the choosing of this small part of handles. But there are still some people choose to make or custom furniture, in addition some own handle furniture may have the problems of handle damaged or unfit household style, these time, you need to choose handle for yourself.

Second, handle material classification:

According to the different materials of handles, there is a different classification. There are basically single metal handle, metal handle, plastic handle, crystal handle, ceramic handle, etc. Different handle material is with different quality performance.

Third, handle style classification: 

According to style, handle can be divided into single span round type, a single type, double head type, hidden type, etc. Different style of handle has different adornment effect

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