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Latest technology and application of Modern furniture hardware accessories

Published: Friday 25 January, 2013

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1, the combined usage proportion of modern furniture of hardware, glass, specular materials (acrylic, painting, specular cover material, etc.) and metal materials traditional furniture is rising. For example, the application of full glass door hardware was gradually increased.

2, damping become the necessary function for all kinds of furniture, such as, now more used damp drawer rail, damping door hinge, damping move the door hardware, damping door touch, damping and overhead door hardware, etc.

3, lifting combination table frame system, desktop shelf content management system, such as: liquid crystal display (LCD) support, phone support, etc. All kinds of wire management system, such as, desktop dark socket and various kind of special hardware are widely used in office furniture. Such as: heavy fish basket drawer, office door hinge, etc.

4, pressing type of door hinge, drawer rail and hide handle are widely used in no handle furniture and hide handle furniture, such as: PUSH hinge, press pin, PUSH drawer rail, and hide handle. Hide type connection refers to the connection between the two boards. From the outside we can't see fittings, and the methods of connection are so many. Hide handle furniture which on the surface looks not handle are more used in hutch ark, now also hall ark. These press type hinge should be pressed when opened.

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