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Latest! From The Anvil Brochure – Now in stock

Published: Friday 14 December, 2012

,,Latest! From The Anvil Brochure – Now in stock,,. Instead of strapping a bomb to one self why not some soccer shoes to the feet, Lance Armstrong when he retires should be the ambassador to the European Uniondoor knobs about,Latest! From The Anvil Brochure – Now in stock With Basso from Italy, many French riders and Ulrich from Germany, perhaps we are witnessing what strength of character can do for the human race, Think what this can lead too, I have witnessed that sports build character and propel achievement in other categories, I need not go into all the relevant applications of time control, but by sending in data into the confinement area, we may find we can control time from afar or from outside of time.

Please contact More Handles to receive your FREE copy of the latest 60 Page Full Colour Brochure giving detailed decriptions and dimensions for every product in the From The Anvil range.

If you have any questions then we will be pleased to help - we know how good these products are as we have them fitted to our own front door!

More Handles are the UK's leading stockists for the From The Anvil Collection of Period Ironmongery. All items in the From The Anvil range are hand-forged by master craftsmen using traditional English blacksmithing methods and techniques.


? The designs are timeless and based on traditional ironmongery, and the hand-forged process means no two pieces are identical even when they are made to the same design.

We feel this maintains the charm and character of the From The Anvil ironmongery collection and sets them apart from the mass produced cast ironmongery which is otherwise available.

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