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choice between door knobs and lever door handles

Published: Friday 14 December, 2012

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Some of the most exciting designs for door furniture include Lever Door Handles, from the contemporary Strata Door Handle, with its uncompromising modernist design to the sheer elegance and gravitas of the Georgian Door Handle again from Carlisle Brass on a square cornered backplate, which would look perfect in any period home and particularly dramatic on a pair of double doors.

The choice between door knobs and lever door handles is one that is very personal.Door knobs may be unobtrusive but they can also be difficult to grip and in many circumstances a lever door handle provides a much greater sense of occasion.

Door handles are available either on a backplate or a rose. Roses are much smaller and more subtle. On a modern door a rose can be ideal as they often conceal the fitting screws.

On fittings like the Black Nickel Cube Door Handlefrom Carlisle Brass the square rose perfectly complements the design of the handle and makes a much stronger impression.

In contrast the elegant backplate of the Shaped Regency Brass Door Handle enhances the classy presentation of the scrolled handle. Many of our lever door handles are available on backplates with lock apertures, making for simple installation of locks and consistency of design.

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